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Skipper of the Arnolda Test and Demo Yacht since 2016. As lifetime liveaboard familiar with the practical side of motorboating. Feel free to ask me anything.

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RS Marine is setting a whole new standard in pleasure craft stabilization with their RS140 Zero-Speed solution. This stabilizer will be RS Marine’s long term answer to a market which demands true super yacht style functionality.

Of course RS Marine is well known for int...


As skipper of the Arnolda Test and Demo yacht I could not pass the chance to come and help the RotorSwing team at the boat show in Düsseldorf. Normally I'm giving demonstrations at sea to show the true capabilities of the RotorSwing systems. This however is a totally d...


The year 2016 was a great success for RS Marine as the Arnolda was booked several times to organize demonstrations. Therefore the demonstrations will be continued in 2017. If you are interested in what RS Marine could do for your yacht then please don't hesitate to con...


Sailing the River Thames to London, a memorable moment occurs when you sail past the Prime Meridian. It is marked by several plaques, monuments, and statues throughout the city. It is even marked by a powerful green laser shining north across the London night sky. But...


Sailing the Arnolda to London for the first time was a sheer exhilarating experience. I felt delighted to be able to share this experience with some of my dearest friends. Although this is a cool looking picture for any yachtsman who completed his first crossing of the...


If you are planning on using PC based navigational software, then this device can safeguard your computer's power supply. Also called a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) it uses a small internal battery pack to overcome a temporary black out. Of course now a days many...


This €650,- GPS compass is supposed to deliver a pretty good heading signal.

It reads in the brochure, 'Dynamic Compass Accuracy: 2° RMS (Best-in-Class)'. Clearly not suitable for commercial vessels, but fine for your chart plotter. Or so you would think. But in the vid...


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Building and refitting quality yachts. Installing RotorSwing and many other

excellent stabilizer systems.

Constructing stabilizer systems for full displacement and planing yachts. Most beneficial for yachts between 12 and 40 meters.

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