About Rien

Skipper Rien at the helm of his Dart Trawler 50 Pilothouse.

 I love motorboating and technique. The Arnolda is my pride and joy. She came into existence some 20 years ago, as a family project. Now, many years along the way I purchased her and call her my own. She is still bearing the name of my mother as she was christened by my sister. Changing the name of the boat would surely send me to an early seamans grave. It took me, my loved ones and some dear friends three years to prepare the Arnolda  for coastal exploring. But surely it took me just as much time to gather courage. Sailing the Arnolda to London for the first time was a sheer exhilarating experience. I felt delighted to be able to share this experience with some of my dearest friends. But after returning to Holland I decided to postpone any further coastal exploring until some kind of stabilizer system was in place. I could not in good conscience take wife and child onboard. I wasn't afraid the boat would easily be taken by the sea. But the continuous motions one would have to withstand were deeply tiering.


In my search to find a suitable stabilizer system I found an interesting product called RotorSwing. At first I was sceptical about this non conventional product. But as the owner and manager assured me they would return my money if the system was not to my liking, I felt certain this situation could lead to more than just another stabilized yacht. I said, 'Dear Mr. Koop, if you manage to stabilize this boat, I will help you to show it to the world'.

Right there and then the 'Arnolda Test and Demo Yacht' was born.

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