Now being tested on the Arnolda Demo Yacht

The RotorSwing ZeroSpeed stabilizer is developed by RotorSwing Marine. The system works by applying the Magnus effect to induce forces perpendicular to the direction of travel.

Yacht owners who are looking for stabilization at ZeroSpeed, while cruising and speeds up to 25kts will benefit greatly from this particular stabilizer.

The RotorSwing Magnus yacht stabilizer is fully retractable

eliminating risk of damaging the Magnus tube's in shallow waters.

The RotorSwing Magnus also offers the patented RAKE function whereby the Rotors are being set at an angle to limit

drag and save fuel.


Depending on the size of the yacht one to four rotors might be 

needed. Thus covering yachts from 12 to 35 meters with the same system. As the rotors do not induce a steering effect, it can be

used as a single, dual or quad setup.

As a safety feature the Rotors automatically retract while idling or when going astern.  This way you can not forget to retract the stabilizers at the dock or lock.

Explanatory video about the system components.

This yacht is fitted with only one Magnus Stabilizer.

Check out the difference on the Arnolda.

Please take note of the difference in rolling when the Arnolda is sailing with of without the RotorSwing system engaged.  

RotorSwing for semi-planing and planing yachts.

The RotorSwing ZeroSpeed system has been successfully applied on fast yachts. It can effectively dampen roll motions from 0 kts up to 25 kts. 

Forced roll function.

The forced roll function helps to check if the system is working properly. But it might easily be mistaken for a theme park ride.





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