UPS BNT-1000-AP Power back-up for PC based navigation

If you are planning on using PC based navigational software, then this device can safeguard your computer's power supply. Also called a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) it uses a small internal battery pack to overcome a temporary black out. Of course now a days many power inverters utilizing 24V to generate 110V or 230V have a UPS mode. On yachts equipped with less advanced inverters, a UPS can greatly reduce the risk of power related computer problems.

For those yachts equipped with inverters lower than 2000W an automatic shutdown due to a power overload isn't unthinkable. I find the water cooker and hair dryer typical examples of inverter unfriendly devices. Also keep in mind that you are probably running more than just PC's and the od water cooker. You are likely to have at least a refrigerator running or possibly even a freezer that needs power too. All these devices will subtract from the total available power.

When installing the UPS the following happened.

* Easy to install software which enables the user to monitor the UPS's status, power supply and battery level.

* Control software can only run on one PC due to (old school) RS232 serial connection.

* Plug and play functionality even without software installed.

* Not designed to be used in a moist environment. I reasoned that if the inside of the dashboard got wet the boat was already sinking anyway.

* Nothing provided to bolt down the UPS. I used two small lorry straps to sea fasten it inside the dashboard.

With two desktop PC's and one 19" monitor continuously running the following happened after cutting the power supply.

* UPS started beeping, loud enough to be heard outside the dashboard and could even be heard with the main engine running.

* Message appeared on the primary navigation PC screen, saying the power to the UPS was lost.

* After starting the software to check the UPS status and battery level, it seemed that I wasn't in a hurry to go "fault finding" as the UPS seemed to cope well.

* Monitoring the battery levels to see how long one would have to fix a onboard power problem, I got to 48 minutes. After this time the battery would be on a critical low level. I'm guessing 48 minutes is long enough to find what the problem is, or to start up a secondary power supply like a generator.

Sailing the Arnolda the UPS saved me from getting annoyed several times, as mainly guest pissed of my inverter. In time I really should get a bigger inverter. But even then the UPS will stay. I promise you.... a UPS is your friend.

I bought the BNT-1000-AP at "" At the time it cost me €185.74. so that's not ridiculously expensive.

A new mid size inverter however will set you back some €1300,- And you all know. It's not just this one expensive device. It's an unending list of expensive stuff you'd like to update.