Introducing the RotorSwing 140 High Cruise Speed stabilizer Effectively stabilizing at ZeroSpeed and

RS Marine is setting a whole new standard in pleasure craft stabilization with their RS140 Zero-Speed solution. This stabilizer will be RS Marine’s long term answer to a market which demands true super yacht style functionality.

Of course RS Marine is well known for introducing the first fully electrically driven, roll damping system, based on the Magnus effect. Now, several years along the way, competitors have constructed equally effective systems. But it was in those years of relatively little technological progress, RS Marine secretly drew up plans for their greatest achievement up till now. Living up to the expectations of that of a true innovator, Theo Koop knew he had to incorporate full super yacht style functionality in a compact machine.

In a sense the path to such a versatile product as the RS140 was laid out many years ago. A long history of working closely together with Quantum Marine Engineering resulted in shared patents, which now gives RS Marine leverage over any competitor in the same sector.

The biggest advantage of the RS140 model in comparison to conventional Magnus based stabilizers, is it's zero speed function. To achieve effective roll damping with standard Magnus stabilizers a minimum speed of 3,5 knots through the water is required. But as the RS140 creates its own water flow no speed through the water is needed. This is due to the fact that the tubes not only swing outward when the system is engaged, but keep on swinging. With a relative water speed passing the tubes at about 5 knots the yacht can be effectively stabilized while at anchor or adrift. This is particularly useful when anchoring on big lakes or coastal areas.

In 2018 we also added dynamic rotor positioning to the original ZeroSpeed stabilizer. This patented technology relays vessel speed to proportionally fold the tubes backwards to minimize drag. Thus overcoming the resistance at higher speeds. The new generation RotorSwing stabilizer is an ideal option for refit because little space is required to install te system. Now providing owners of both planing and displacement hull vessels the option to add ZeroSpeed and high speed stabilization to their vessel. The new RotorSwing stabilizer is fully functional from ZeroSpeed up to 25 knots.

Just like all other RotorSwing models, the RS140 utilizes ‘Parking Mode’ which eliminates the risk of damage in shallow waters. When no stabilizing is required, the retracted rotors remain largely within the turbulent boundary of the vessel. This way any remaining resistance will be negligible. Another brilliant function of the RS140 Zero-Speed is the patented Rake function.

There is no competitor able to deliver the same functionality utilizing the Magnus effect, unless you go super yacht style. This of course brings you back to Quantum Marine Engineering, which engineers Magnus stabilizers for yachts bigger than 35 meters.